The conversation about love we wanted to have with Beret (especially after hearing "I miss you")

With more than 1.5 million subscribers on his channel, Beret has managed to be one of the most beloved rap musicians of the moment in three years. And that his latest single "I miss you" has become the most watched on YouTube in less than a day, proves it. His music, considered poetry 3.0, has hooked on millennial. And, its themes are full of beautiful, romantic and motivational phrases.

Thanks to the Mahou accomplices tour that will be held from October to December in Madrid, we speak with Francisco Javier Álvarez Beret About love, women and music.

In a time when women increasingly want to get away from romanticism to live love from another point of view, why do you think you are so successful? How is your romanticism?

"The songs that say you need a person, that a person is your life, are toxic."

My songs go against romanticism. The songs that say you need a person, that a person is your life, are toxic. Many people take what they hear to the letter and, therefore, always try to convey the opposite, that first you have to be fine with yourself and love yourself, rather than telling a person that without her you are nobody.

Do you feel more musician or more poet? Is music and rap genre the new modern poetry?

Yes. I consider myself more composer than singer. I began to compose before that to sing, the song came later. What I really like is the fact of stopping and writing. I would love to write a book and I'm sure that at some point I will stop singing.

Feminism is not just a woman thing, is it possible to end machismo in the lyrics of the songs?

Yes, but over time. The problem is that each song has a singer with different circumstances and everyone sees life in their own way. Trying to make all music equal and have established values ​​would be complicated because not all people are equal. Therefore, to change that we would have to change the singers.

Maybe a while ago I thought differently about what they have instilled in me and I have seen but I have evolved. My songs are now aware of this.

"People now want to run so much that they consider everything very ephemeral."

Do love problems with social networks change or are they the same as those of your parents?

Today everything is faster. You used to live in a city and to see a girl you had to travel half the city, you didn't have whatsapp to communicate with her, or 10 thousand more girls on Instagram. People now want to run so much that they consider everything very ephemeral. The fact of establishing and dedicating time to a person today is less because people feel they are wasting time or youth. But age is not a reflection of anything, you can be 16 years old and have known the person to be with all your life.

Are you a man of one woman or several?

I am my man.

Do rappers cry too? A more sensitive message was needed within the genre and hence the secret of your success.

Rappers are very rappers and don't cry. When I started rapping I received criticism but I don't care. I think that those who criticized me will cry in the future. I am proud to show my feelings, being assertive is not bad. The fact of Show feelings is not a symbol of weakness but that you are a human person.

Do you speak only of heartbreak in your songs?

I have happy songs even if people don't believe it. And songs that have nothing to do with love. But I could not sing something hypocritical in front of many people, mostly because I would feel bad and feel that I am told a story. Each letter comes from something that has happened to me and an event may have made me write many songs.

Is the interpretation of a song according to your opinion free? Does the meaning mark who sings it or who listens to it?

The meaning is marked by the listener without a doubt. I'm used to my songs never having an objective sense. Many fans have come to me talking about things that have not happened to me.

What people get hooked on my songs is that I talk about one thing that can be perfectly different from someone else. It's beautiful because you see that music is very subjective.

What does Beret read?

I only read psychology. I am bored. I tried to read other types of books but I don't like them.

A recommendation?

The glasses of happiness. I have read it 15 times.

After meeting him, we can say that not only Beret's songs are intense. He is too. But what could we expect from someone who, if he didn't dedicate himself to music, would be a psychologist and if he had to choose a song it would be "When a man loves a woman" by Michael Bolton. The philosophical spirit and sensitivity are its raw material.

The artist who went from writing reflections at the bus stop to being a national success is a master of empathy and emotional intelligence. It must be for that reason that it is impossible not to feel identified with his lyrics and to get hooked on his unique mix of reggae, dancehall and rap

Beret's concert of the Complices de Mahou tour will take place on November 20 at the Mon Hall in Madrid.

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