17 easy recipes to travel the world without leaving home

Do you dream of traveling the world and challenging your palate with innovative and incredible dishes but right now you have not saved even for airport taxes? Since you closed your favorite Chinese restaurant you are experiencing the monkey and in your neighborhood there is not a single Thai (and no, we mean the lords of Thailand?

Don't panic: we have compiled for you some recipes that will make you travel to lands far away through your palate of a simple, easy and cheaper way Looking for flight deals six months in advance.

Mac & Cheddar, a successful recipe from the United States

We have seen them a thousand times in television series and movies and in the background they are so easy to prepare that we do not understand why many of our favorite characters on the small and large screen are content with a powder preparation. The recipe can be found here and the only difficulty is knowing when to stop pouring cheese.

Dahl of red lentils, an immediate trip to India

A delicious and vegetarian recipe, perfect as a first course or as a full dinner where legumes are protagonists, an ingredient that should be one of the stars of our kitchen

The kung pao chicken that will make you travel to China

A traditional Chinese recipe that has triumphed in take away of the United States and that is not only sucked to do, but also can be adapt to our tastes in an easy way. The keys, as they tell us in this article from Direct to the Palate, are marinating the chicken, having a spicy touch, an aromatic sauce and the always crunchy touch of the peanuts.

Tostones that remind us of Colombia

We have seen them on the site Lord Lord's Recipes and they have conquered us not only because of the paint they have, it also seems that they are prepared in a parakeet.

Frikadellen, spicy hamburgers from Germany

It doesn't matter if you don't know how to pronounce your name well or that you even speak it. These mustard burgers, sparkling water and spices to taste they are a variant to the usual recipe and that is prepared in a periquete.

Pasta with crusty bread, cherry tomatoes and anchovies to feel in Italy

There is nothing that transports us more quickly to the country of the boot than a good plate of pasta. In addition we do not have to fall into the topics and prepare a Bolognese or a pesto. This recipe from Direct to the Palate is original, very easy to make and will make you more popular than a gondolier from Venice.

Goulash with spätzle not to forget Hungary

Comforting, tasty, with a spicy touch ... and sucked to make. This is the authentic Hungarian Goulash, perhaps the best known dish of the cuisine of this country and the most copied, but which we do not get bored. Live to the Palate tell us the recipe.

Prawn aguachile to visit Mexico

A very fresh and delicious dish, aromatic and light, perfect for these months that are approaching when temperatures rise and what we want to eat is always the antithesis of a Madrid stew. For example, this typical Mexican dish, similar to Peruvian ceviche and that is very easy to do, as they tell us in Direct to the Palate.

Banh Mi, the sandwich that tastes like Vietnam

They say that there is nothing like eating in the street stalls of this country and that their street food It is pure wonder, but if you do not know when you can set foot there to see it in person, it is much better that you try to make your version of one of our favorite sandwiches: with roasted pork tenderloin, crispy vegetables, a little sauce and a Bagette to wrap everything.

Lebanese skewers with yogurt sauce to travel to Lebanon

Now that the months in which you want to barbecue more than ever are approaching, this recipe is an excellent alternative to the usual bacon and greasy sausages. Macerated and charcoal chicken breasts on skewers accompanied by tender vegetables and a refreshing yogurt sauce. We have seen it in Puestoma2tazas.

Sole a la meunière, a delight of France

There are few more dishes grateful and simple of making a sole a la meunière (because yes, fried eggs are not easy to make). Also, just in summer, good flounder abounds in fishmongers and with this recipe you will leave everyone with their mouths open ... or exclaiming voila.

Chicken in Kiev, the most delicious in Ukraine

This recipe is a pump, a chicken breast stuffed with delicious butter with chopped herbs and a double breaded. Perfect for those days when you deserve a prize.

Kanelbullar, Sweden's famous cinnamon buns

If there is something we really envy about Swedes, it is not their long blonde hair and kilometer legs (just kidding!) But these delicious sweet and aromatic bollitos, where cinnamon is the absolute protagonist. The recipe? Easier than it looks and you can find it here.

Victoria Sponge cake, the dessert that reigns in the United Kingdom

Prepared in honor of Queen Victoria we are talking about a whole cake to invite our friends to the five o'clock tea. It is served with strawberries and it is not necessary to stiffen the little finger.

Chocolate Baklavas, a delight from Turkey

Sweeter than a chapter of Love bears, baklava is one of the most popular desserts in Turkey and many countries in the Middle East. A mixture of nuts with spices wrapped in layers of phyllo dough and bathed in syrup that in this case earns extra points for chocolate.

The unexpected cheesecake from Japan

Its cuisine is recognized by sushi, udon noodles, gyozas or tempura, but so far they had not taken a prominent place in the dessert chapter. This cake with cream cheese and lemon aroma gives you points to enter a place of honor and in Direct to the Palate they explained how to make it.

Dulce de leche, our obsession with Argentina

It's a classic, okay, but when was it so close to paradise and was it so easy to get into it? Dulce de leche is something sensational, it can help us to give the perfect touch to a lot of desserts and it is tremendously easy to make, as they tell us here.

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