Rihanna boasts stretch marks and naturalness in her latest selfie, sending us a whole body-positive message

More and more photos and posts of body-positive They encourage women to feel comfortable in their own skin. Be this as it may. It is already a trend so viral that it could be said that it has stopped being news. Unless the protagonist is Rihanna and her sculptural and envied natural legs. With hair, stretch marks and everything a leg usually has. This is the empowering message that the singer has released.

Showing the hair of the legs without shaving is something we have seen a lot in recent years. Even in international fashion campaigns. With all this visibility the stigma should have disappeared long ago. But yesterday Rihanna uploaded a series of photos to Instagram in which she could see her hair and the critics soon appeared. Few, very few. Because his wall was immediately filled with messages of support and admiration.

Rihanna is an inspiration in the environment beauty. Not only for the inclusion of all races in the cosmetic world, but for making a place for all women. His Fenty Beauty line is designed for all skins and his new lingerie firm for all sizes. Of course, their selfies they also reflect this challenge to beauty canons established.

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