Ashley Graham's latest swimsuit campaign is also inclusive with age ... and who better than her mother to introduce them?

The opinion that the most visible face of the movement is almost unanimous body positive It's Ashley Graham. Pioneer in always showing her side more sexy, giving much more importance to the attitude than to the size, the swimsuits of his brand Swimsuits for All (swimsuits for all) have become a reference for those seeking inclusive fashion, which is not restricted to a standard body ... and now also at a specific age. To do this, he has posed with his mother in a session that shows that the body positive goes far beyond sizes.

And it is that women of a certain age rarely find in the catalogs of bathing clothes referents like them. And it is difficult for someone in their fifties or sixties, for example, to identify with models that barely exceed twenty. And to give voice and image to those generations, Ashley has included his mother, Linda Graham, in his last session in a swimsuit.

The two pose in Morocco for an ad titled Power of the Journey ("the power of travel"). It has been the way chosen by Ashley to celebrate her fifth collection of colorful swimsuits, with original designs and very vivid prints: traveling with her mother to make a call to the inclusion of women of all ages in the swimwear catalogs.

This new capsule collection went on sale yesterday, available in sizes from 32 to 50, and model prices range between 102 and 108 dollars (82-87 euros).

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