Your nails will dress in the best way this 2018

He 2018 has kicked off, and with it we begin a new year full of trends that are gradually being revealed. We do not know what we are going to take a few months (We do not have a magic ball that can predict the future), what we do know is that we will give off a lot - very much - style. Our hands they are the protagonists and they teach us how to petarlo with a heart attack manicure.

Less is more

The formula of less is more always works and shows us that we don't need much to make the staff fall in love. Nails in nude color and with small floral details can be perfect to start the year.

Message through the nails

Some people take advantage of their nails to send messages of all kinds, do you want to join this trend?

Shining with own light

The glitter and glitter finish is perfect for all those who want to shine with their own light. Choose a lacquer in metallic hue and the result will be wonderful.

Basic colors that attract attention

Basic colors are also a good option, especially when they come in mauve or white versions. Do not waste your time trying to knock out the staff, with just one tone we can achieve everything.

Mark the difference

If you are one of those who want to make a difference and leave everyone with their mouths open, opt for original designs where geometric patterns are the protagonists.