Be beautiful: five essentials of the week

We return this hot Friday with the discoveries that we have been collecting throughout this week. Today we bring you a super sale signing (which will be difficult to resist), as well as a plan that will make you feel in the middle of the Provence. By last a makeup base that has completely conquered me... we hope you like them!

A signing of sales

I know that I always tell you that sales is an ideal time to become basic but today I can't resist showing you my latest discovery. This is these mules of Sandro that I have found very low and I can not like more. The heel detail is very modern and it gives a rocker point that I love, What do you think ?.

A plan

If you have no plans for these days and you feel like doing something different, I suggest you visit Brihuega, a beautiful town of La Alcarria just 90 km from Madrid where the Lavender Festival is currently held. It is the perfect opportunity àra contemplate one of the most beautiful images that summer gives us and why not, to disconnect a little from the city.

A spot

H&M just unveiled his last collaboration Through this beautiful video. Is about Erdem, the London brand that has numerous celebrities and connoisseurs of fashion among its followers. It will be available in selected stores, as well as in its online store from November 2.

A solidarity initiative

You already know that from this section I like to support all the solidarity initiatives that I can and this one has seemed precious and very special to me. Apodemia has just launched its collection 'The Powerpuff Girls x Apodemia', based on the Las Supernenas series. Specifically, thanks to its WOW! Ring, a piece that the brand has wanted to turn into a symbol of the commitment to the fight and put an end to a problem that affects thousands of children in Spain: Bullying. Through this ring lamarca will support the foundation 'What Really Matters', allocating 100% of the profits generated by sales.

A product

Summer is a complicated time for makeup bases but I have discovered one that suits me very well and also leaves me with beautiful skin. I talk to you about Matissime Velvet, one of the latest Givenchy releases that has a formula that control the brightness without turning off the skin. I recommend you try it.

Which of our essentials do you stay with?

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