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Only Kim Kardashian could take forward a look with leggings and transparent bra, mission accomplished!

It will seem impossible, but Kim Kardashian is becoming even more daring (if possible) in her stylistic choices. After the transparencies, the second skin dresses and the lampshading It may seem complicated. But nothing is impossible for Kimmy. Not in a matter of outfits crazy Now you have chosen leave your clothes at home and go out in lingerie directly. A good formula to deal with heat, hey.

To take a walk through Manhattan, the celebrity He has chosen to keep his style very minimalist. This is, with a minimum amount of garments. Because who else would look good to take leggings velvet, transparent boots and a bra bralette? A combination suitable for very few. Specifically, only for Kim Kardashian.

The striking thing is that, put on paper, the theory sounds terrible. But seeing he look complete in action with a blazer above it turns out that it does work. We never thought that a transparent bra with nothing above could be so cool, for is the perfect option for a night out. Are you feeling like it? It has also happened to us, so we have looked for all the clothes for you.

  • Leggings of velvet from Adidas Original, 27.49 euros.

  • Bra bralette Topshop transparent, 20 euros.

  • Blazer Fitted Zara, 29.99 euros.

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