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The app to find the father of your children has arrived (and yes, look for the best profile for you to form a family)

It is called Modamily and it is an application (also a website) that allows everyone who is thinking of jumping headlong into parenthood Find the ideal person with whom to share this unique experience.

It is clear that the concept of family has evolved so much In recent years, even our grandmothers have accepted that there is much beyond the traditional scheme of father + mother + children.

Today everything is much more flexible and sharing custody is, for example, one of the formulas that has allowed couples who have ended up continuing to exercise paternity in a friendly way after the breakup, since be alone or forming new families.

But to share the experience of fatherhood no need to have been a couple first, but nowadays there are adults who are joining forces and maintaining a purely platonic relationship with the sole purpose of raising their children. And no, we are not talking only about gay couples.

The advantages of sharing family responsibilities are many, starting with the respite of having more income as well as the support of another person to give the emotional and physical response that all children need. But if we want the thing to work just like a romantic relationship, communication is also needed, that there is chemistry between the parents (which can be two, three, etc.), common life goals, hobbies, etc. is an application similar to traditional dating that we already know, but specialized in finding candidates to start a family, not to have a romantic relationship. In the video that we show you below you can see a little how it works.

The fundamental objective of Modamily is create a great contact base in which members can find people with them share the same way of seeing life, as well as the dream of having offspring. There are many ways to share parenting and Modamily also helps its members to meet people who want to educate children in the same way that they.

In the words of Ivan Fatovic, its founder, is similar to and other sites to find partners, but the compatibility tests done on this occasion have a very different objective: "You can find someone reliable who share the same criteria with you of how to raise a child. "

The site was born in 2012 and currently also has a mobile application whose operation is very similar to the most popular applications to find appointments, but the "matches" are made with people with whom we share values ​​and objectives related to The idea of ​​having family.

With more and more people delaying the age of getting married or having trouble finding the ideal partner, sharing the responsibility of forming a family with friends (or with perfect strangers who share that same dream) is a very popular solution. A way to go a step further and throw yourself into having children but without the difficulties of being a single parent and without the pressure of having a romantic relationship involved.

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