Biotherm Skin Fitness: we test these three products to repair the skin after training

The women's skin athletes especially if we talk about practicing outdoor sports, they have special needs: on the one hand we need to eliminate all the impurities that are generated when training and on the other we need good hydration to combat dry skin exposed to the sun, at wind or sweat.

With a view to improving the experience of the female athlete, she was born the Biotherm Skin Fitness range: three different products to cover all the needs of girls who play sports and who want to take care of their skin to the fullest. We have tested this line and we tell you how our experience has been.

The Biotherm Skin Fitness product range

What does the skin of a female athlete need after training? What our skin needs after training is go through a cleaning and rehydration process, both to eliminate sweat and bacteria that can accumulate on it and to replace lost fluids through sweating.

Women athletes expose our skin to more harmful elements in our day to day: the friction of sportswear (especially if we talk about compression garments or if we use garments with materials that are not suitable for sports), exposure to sunlight, wind or cold if we do outdoor sports and numerous Hot showers after workouts make our skin need special care.

Biotherm Skin Fitness responds to these needs with three products:

  • Skin Fitness Mousse Purifying Cleanser: As a first step for the care of the athlete's skin we have a cleansing treatment to use in the shower. It is a mousse that transforms into foam and helps us clean, soften and revitalize the skin. It is applied during the shower throughout our body except in the face.

  • Skin Fitness Firming Body Emulsion: This body emulsion helps us recover our skin after exercise, improving its firmness and leaving it more toned thanks to its compounds of L. Ochroleuca, magnesium and sodium. It is used throughout the body after exercising, affecting the most complicated areas such as the inside of the arms, belly and thighs.

  • Skin Fitness Smoothing Body Treatment: a gel-serum with a very refreshing texture that moisturizes and improves the quality of the skin. It helps us to deeply hydrate it and give it greater elasticity and softness thanks to urea and hyaluronic acid. It is applied morning and night throughout the body.

My experience with Biotherm Skin Fitness

I have been testing the three products of the Biotherm Skin Fitness line for a while and the truth is that I liked them a lot. I analyze them one by one so that you have information about all of them.

  • Mousse cleaner: It is the perfect size to carry in the gym backpack. The mousse when leaving the dispenser and on contact with water becomes a very light textured foam perfect for cleaning all impurities. The fragrance it has is marine, like the whole line, and leaves skin very soft, perhaps similar to the moisturizers under the shower that have been marketed for a while.

  • Firming body emulsion: It is a translucent gel, denser than the other cream, which has a fragrance in the same line as its two companions, but with a touch of mint, which also achieves a very refreshing effect. The texture is very soft and pleasant to the touch and is also absorbed in a few seconds. I have always used it after the post-workout shower and yes I have noticed the softer skin.

  • Smoothing body treatment: It is the product that I liked most of the whole line. The fragrance is much softer than in the previous cases, also very fresh but without the touch as strong as mint as the emulsion. After using it every day in the morning and at night (it is absorbed very very fast and it is a pleasure to get between the sheets with very cool skin after applying it) yes that I notice the most hydrated and elastic skin.

We cannot forget that these products are gym performance enhancers, but they are not magical: training and proper nutrition (which also influences the quality of our skin) are necessary to be able to notice results. Yes they fulfill their task of moisturizing and repairing the skin and I think they can be a good complement to our gym routine.

All containers are 200 milliliters. The price of the cleaning foam is 19.90 euros, the one of the firming body emulsion is of 36 euros and the smoothing body treatment is 36 euros.

The product was provided for testing by Biotherm. You can check our company relations policy for more information.

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