Start the countdown to discover Lady Gaga's makeup line with spectacular images

There are only five days left to discover and learn about the makeup line of Lady Gaga, which we announced already in the month of May 2018. Now, more than a year later, the singer has released the first promotional images of what lies ahead and we are already looking forward to knowing each and every one of the pieces that He has prepared us from Haus Labs.

There are several images that at the moment we can see on social networks of what lies ahead, attracting attention, of course, those dramatic and even exaggerated looks that characterize Lady Gaga so much and that they are an authentic expression of itself, and in which the photoshop shines by its absence.

He has also released this wonderful video where he bets on makeup as an expression of each one of us, as a form of expression of our personality. In fact, Lady Gaga herself has left in her own words what it means to her ...

Some beautiful lines that give us clues that we can find a little of everything in this collection for which, as we mentioned at the beginning, and We only have to wait five days to fully meet her.