You cannot explain scientifically the madness that these jewels unleash among scientists and passionate about science

It is not necessary to be passionate about science to fall before the designs of the Science Jewelry website and its necklaces, rings and earrings that mimic DNA chains, neurons or serotonin, to name a few examples.

Inspired by the infinite forms and structures that we can find in the world of science, these pieces are the ideal gift for those most passionate about scientific studies, but also for all who appreciate a harmonious and tremendously original design.

It is not necessary to have a doctorate or to know all the elements of the periodic table to appreciate the designs of Science Jewelry, although it will help a lot when interpreting what piece you have just been given.

This company specialized in the design and production of jewelry it has been inspired by the forms and structures of nature to create really original pieces, like this DNA chain.

Really everything, anything can be the basis of inspiration for a design, such as this ring that has taken red blood cells as a reference or an original pendant based on a neuron.

Adrenaline, caffeine, serotonin ... there are an infinity of elements to wear, perfect to convey your passion for science or to share with someone this amazing world and in which we should all deepen.

If you are a science lover or want to surprise someone who is passionate about them, Here you will find many ideas.

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