Bella Hadid opens a new world of possibilities: the meta-selfie. Will it be trend?

Bella Hadid has started a practice not too usual in social networks: to take pictures of all billboards starring her. In this way, he shows us photos of his photos on social networks, managing to create a kind of space-time effect in which some things are included in the others. May our brains not explode, It's the goalselfie, a selfie within a selfie!

It is clear that Bella Hadid is proud of her achievements and wants everyone to see them. It is not for less! In recent months he has become an angel of Victoria's Secret, in the image of the Nike firm and in the Calvin Klein's fall campaign model, as we can well see in all her photos.

What we do not know is if it will be a trend that extends too much in the world of Instagram, since requires finding an ad with your face the size of a building. A somewhat exclusive fashion that may be able to penetrate among the most models Item of the moment And talking about things we don't know ... When do we have a picture of Bella Hadid in person with an ad with her face in the background it would be called meta-meta-selfie?

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