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The nude color and Kim Kardashian, a love story that breaks barriers

No matter what trends are the queens undisputed street styleKim Kardashian follows her particular crusade and is willing to show that her style governs its own rules. With a closet that could be the size of Texas, the businesswoman has demonstrated - again - that the beige / nude color It is perfect for day to day. He has done it at the blow of "style", with a striking style that makes it clear that there is no nothing and no one to resist him.

The body, the cornerstone of your style (and closet)

If the other day caught everyone's attention by wearing a body that marked more than necessary, today he has chosen a very similar design where the neckline came in lateral format. Halter type and very tight, this garment was combined with a pareo skirt that became the center of all eyes. Its snake print reminds that this print is more versatile than one might think.

Since Kanye West launched its first Yeezy clothing collection, nude and earth colors have become Kim Kardashian's favorites, and we see it every week. What do you think of this new proposal?