Seven cleansing foams with which to ensure the care of your skin and avoid blackheads (and granites)

Cleansing the skin of the face consciously is a vital step for the care of our skin. The skin needs to breathe, and for this it is necessary to properly remove traces of makeup, contamination or impurities. In addition, a well-groomed and clean skin can prevent the appearance of pimples and blackheads, since many times these are caused by bacteria accumulated in our face

The offer is more than immense and the types of products too. The cleaning foams They seem a very good option to ensure that our skin is kept in perfect condition. We also remember that experts recommend cleaning our face morning and night.

Another point in favor is comfort and easy application (forget about the disks or cotton, you only need water to remove it). But be careful! You will have to worry about washing the towel with which you dry later (every 2-3 days), since it can also contain germs.

Since taking care of our skin and keeping it free of debris (which can then lead to blackheads or granites) is essential, we have selected seven cleansing foams so you can keep your skin in perfect condition in record time.

  • Boi Thermal Silessence Cleanser Mousse. 98% of its ingredients are natural. Cleans impurities without dehydrating the skin. Available in Parapharmacy Online for 14.10 euros.
  • Soft Foam Cleanser by Schrammek. Soft foam suitable for all types of skin with a light and creamy texture. Available in Amazon for 57.47 euros.
  • Softening Cleasing Foam of Lancaster. Flower-based cleansing foam that removes impurities and contamination residue. Available in Douglass for 25.95 euros 12.95 euros.
  • Mousse Micellar Water Cleansing Foam. Purify, calm and clean eliminating the remains of makeup and dirt. Available in Primor for 17.95 euros.
  • Lancome Mousse Eclat Express Clarifying. Deep cleans the face leaving the skin elastic and flexible. Available in Amazon for 35.80 euros.
  • Collistar illuminating cleaner mousse. Tones, moisturizes and refreshes the skin. Contain hyaluronic acid and an extract of Italian plants. Available in Amazon for 19.53 euros.
  • Clinique Extra Soft Cleansing Mousse. Gentle formula that works to end skin impurities. Available in The English Court for 27 euros.

Vichy Purete Thermale Purifying Facial Cleanser - 150 ml

Today on Amazon for € 10.65

Dr. Med Christine schrammek Super Soft Cleanser, 200 ml, Essential Care for more Clean Milk for delicate, dry skin

Today on Amazon for € 57.47

Lancome - Mousse Eclat Express Clarifying - Cleansing foam for women - 200 ml

Today on Amazon for € 35.80

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