We tried Eau de Givenchy Rosée, a delight for those who love floral fragrances

There are people who are faithful to a perfume and never change fragrance whether winter or summer, on the contrary there are those who look for new aromas and fresher notes for the summer.

If you are one of the latter people, you will be interested in getting to know the new Givenchy perfume better, Eau de Rosée , which is defined as a new floral freshness.

This new fragrance has been created by Francois Demachy, a well-known LVMH perfumer, whose intention has been to create a more floral and fresh version of the Echy de Givenchy launched in 2018.

  • The output notes They are acidified tangerine, osmanto tea and hints of apricot.
  • Heart notes, are the rose, jasmine and water hyacinth.
  • Base notes they are made up of patchouli and white almezcle.

The silhouette of this jar is simple, far from more sophisticated and fantastic elaborations, a success if we think that it is a cologne and not a perfume. Its way It is cylindrical, with refined lines and very minimalist. The chosen tones have been the pink petal and the white.

A few seconds after the application you can see the presence of the rose, it certainly lives up to its name and it is inevitable to imagine roses everywhere. When the seconds go by is when you start to notice the jasmine and the intensity goes down to settle and leave a floral halo.

Is about a very sensual fragrance and romantic, totally floral with a very soft sweet touch. Although it can be used at any time of the day, since it is not an excessively intense fragrance, I like it better for the evening.

Its price is of 79.50 euros the 100 ml version.

The product was provided for testing by Givenchy. You can check our business relations policy for more information.