The Venice Biennale arrives to beautify even more the most beautiful city in the world

Hands that unite, that build bridges, becomes a brutal symbol of the union between men, friendship, faith, hope and love. The artist's work Lorenzo Quinn It is one of the most spectacular that can be seen in the new Venice Biennale, and his sculptures can be seen in other corners of the Italian city. The 58th International Art Exhibition bears the title May You Live In Interesting Times and it is celebrated from May 11 to November 24.

Art takes the canals of Venice, and the works merge with the beautiful Venetian palaces and monuments. A fascinating way to unite the beauty, art and architecture of this unique city.

This weekend takes place the inauguration and the awards ceremony to the participating artists. The title of the great Venetian art fair is an invitation to consider the complexity of humanity's events in these times.

Art and artists are a challenge to overly simplistic attitudes, according to the president of the Biennale Paolo Baratta.

The exhibition will show works by 79 artists from around the world which will be exhibited in the pavilions of Giardini, Arsenale and the historic center of Venice. Conversations between artists will take place for six months, performances and talks that will animate the cultural life of the city.