This is the new Uterqüe bag collection that could endanger your economy

Bag, here is the essential complement of all fashionist to create a styling of sum cum laude and leave the staff knocked out. This accessory can change the course of a outfit, decide whether it touches perfection or not, and even being the center of attention. The Spanish firm Uterqüe launches its new collection for this Spring-Summer 2019 and the results are so wonderful that your bank account I could be in serious danger.

For special occasions

  • Bag with snake engraving and rhinestones detail, 99 euros.
  • Asymmetric handmade bag, 250 euros.
  • Box bag made of wood with detail of geometric pieces, 89 euros.

Every day you dress with these designs

  • Short hair bag with zebra print, 299 euros.
  • Shopper bag with snake effect engraved finish, 179 euros.
  • Crossbody bag with crocodile effect, 99 euros.
  • Bag made of high quality smooth leather with glossy finish, 99 euros.

Lover of bags / box?

  • Rectangular box-style bag with a single compartment, 99 euros.
  • Rigid half moon bag with a single compartment, 99 euros.

With raffia and wicker as the protagonist

  • Carrycot with fringe detail and jewelry in the form of flowers, 99 euros.
  • Flap bag with animal print, 89 euros.
  • Raffia bag with round design, 69 euros.
  • Bag made of high quality raffia and wooden handle, 89 euros.

The originality in the form of a bag

  • Sequin mesh bag, 59 euros.
  • Multicolored shopper bag with detail, 89 euros.