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230 new emojis arrive and these are our favorites to tell about the usual in another way

230 new emojis come to our phones this year. An extensive update of the emoticon package that is strongly committed to the inclusion of people with disabilities by including wheelchairs, ears with headphones, mechanical arms and guide dogs.

Although he also advocates diversity of sexual orientation and race with icons of people of the same gender holding hands and the possibility of choosing your skin tone in different combinations.

However, new food figures, gestures and expressions also arrive for liven up our conversations and mark a before and after in the way we communicate.

The list has already been approved although users will not be able to enjoy them until Apple and Google update their platforms in September and October.

Until then we will not know the impact they will have on popular culture or if anyone will fame "the flamenco whatsapp" but, meanwhile, we ventured to give some ideas on how we could end up using them.

The aggressive passive hand for edges

It is one of the new emojis that more stir has caused and aim hard to always be top in the last used emoticons section. In fact, seeing him one wonders how he could have lived so far without him. This hand that tells you a little bit with your fingers will delight the passive aggressive and edges When asking not to talk so much in whatsapp groups, indicate what you care about someone's opinion or talk to your size friend after using Tinder.

To ask for forgiveness

This emoji of a kneeling person can be very useful for apologize and show regret. It is advisable to practice to find it quickly in case of couple discussion or when you have been cleaning the common area that touches you in your shared apartment for two weeks.

For August at 40 degrees watching Game of Thrones

In full African heat wave one is not exactly at the temperature of an ice cube fresh from the freezer but it is feel melt the same. This emoji allows you, while you melt with the sofa and become a single being, ask your partner, using the law of minimum effort, to bring you a real ice from the kitchen to pass it through the body to see if you cool . If he resists getting up too, add the dragon emoji and automatically upload the plan to see together Game of Thrones. To that if you can not refuse. The winter is coming ...

Also applicable, radically changing the subject, To the uncle's heart you stayed with the other night and that has stopped answering your messages.

OK for those who have all the gadgets on the market

Smartphone, smartwatch, Smart TV, virtual assistant… If you have all these devices and more you can't keep using a simple flesh and bone thumb To express your agreement. Luckily now it reaches the world of emoticons the leading thumb technology you deserve.

For the friend who comes back for the umpteenth time with the same ex

The human being is the only animal that trips two, three and four times with the same stone or who returns infinitely with the same ex. When your friend starts a conversation with an "aunt" you know that drama is coming and there is nothing like a good sauce to liven up the day but, if he comes to tell you for the umpteenth time the same story with the same exDo not hesitate to make it clear with this emoji.

For those days of the month

Let the blood donors or those whose hands have gone cutting carrot stand ... The drop of blood is officially named as the menstruation emoji.

To stay for brunch or watch Stranger Things

It was time that one of the great pleasures of life had its own emoticon. Combining it with an interrogation, you won't need anything else to ask your best friend if she makes a brunch. A good listener, few words are enough. Another combination of emojis for an equally good plan is to combine it with that of television and stay home to see the next season of Stranger Things. Recognize that Eleven likes waffles even more than you do. Even if it's just a little.

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