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Kate Middleton offers us her most folk side with a stamped Alexander McQueen

Kate Middleton is visiting Canada and a true catwalk of death's ideal looks awaits us. Yesterday she had to visit a hospital with her husband in Vancouver and chose a nice Alexander McQueen folk-inspired dress. The frills and the bold red print gave him a more cheerful look as he greeted the entire crowd that was looking forward to seeing the Cambridge Dukes.

It's about a white dress with red geometric pattern which combined with clutch and lounge shoes of the same color. The dress is closed at the waist but opens with some flight thanks to the large ruffles of the skirt.

He Kate Middleton's style He was more casual than the one chosen to get off the plane: he had loose hair and simple shiny earrings. But the best complement is his irresistible smile with which he has won all the sites he has visited.

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