The photo booth, the latest trend around which Willow Smith and Natalie Portman revolve

As with the world of fashion, in beauty there are also and follow the trends. In these days two advertising campaigns have been revealed that revolve around the same leit motiv: a photo booth.

These machines of doing passport photos that used to be placed in front of many public bodies so that people could take pictures for their identity card or passport have gone from being practically obsolete to becoming the center of attention, and attraction, of all parties.

The new photo booths are ample booths, which have kept a esthetic definitely vintage, and that provide fun moments to people not only in fairs or amusement parks, but also in private parties so that the guests have fun by crouching inside them while the machine takes pictures, thus obtaining a beautiful memory ready to take.

Photo booth booths have always been a perfect advertising medium to promote products, and have played an important role in the film industry appearing in many of their films. So the creatives and the producers have not taken anything in dust them off making them the absolute protagonists of the last Advertising spots.

Coinciding with the famous rentrée after summer, this morning two have been revealed new campaigns advertising of two important and well-known brands of the world of luxury and beauty that seem to have agreed as all the action takes place in one of these booths.

One is the new campaign for the DioRouge New Lipstick starring Natalie Portman, the other belongs to the new Chanel Eyewear Campaign interpreted by Willow Smith. Both Natalie and Willow appear sitting inside the booth of a photo booth doing cucamonas and putting little bones trying to seduce the camera lens.

Only Willow never removes his new ones glasses, and Natalie takes the opportunity to touch up with her Rouge Dior Red Smile while listening to the background music of the song "I Feel Good" by James Brown. Natalie is dressed in a little red dress, thick black stockings, ankle boots and a black leather jacket that matches. Willow does the same wearing a choker oversize around the neck and other beads of jewelry belonging to the prêt-à-porter 2016-2017 collection and the latest models of Chanel glasses.

Both campaigns transmit a renewed energy, and a picture a lot cooler and young of the brands that seem determined to reach a younger audience. Do you think they have succeeded?

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