Hyperresponsibility syndrome: what it is and how to fight it

I have to Finish this project before my colleagues. I have to Go this weekend to my parents' house. I have to recover an hour in the gym today. I have to Take the children to piano. I have to Buy Laura's birthday present. I have to Plan summer vacations. I have to Do everything right. I have to ... I have to ... I have to ...

He hyperresponsibility syndrome It is the "I have to" syndrome. Is turn life into a constant imperative, not only in the labor or academic field, but even in leisure. It is to make the law of life the maximum of do not waste time. It is to live according to the 24x7 philosophy: in this interconnected world, a hyperresponsible will pretend to be available and doing something twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Rest is a weakness.

"The perfectionist not only suffers from health problems, but also social problems: he suffers and causes suffering, frustrated by his good will and generosity." Manuel Alvarez.

Manuel Alvarez, president of the Andalusian Society of Psychosomatic Medicine, and Domingo García-Villamisar, Professor of Psychopathology at the Complutense University of Madrid, are the authors of book The perfectionist syndrome: the ananastic. In it, they point out the influence of this hyperresponsible perfectionism in psychopathological and psychosomatic processes: anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, eating disorders ...

"Education is about being the best, the most productive, and constantly underlining the idea that always, always, always, can be improved. There is no time to lose." Paula Murillo, psychologist.

Paula Murillo, psychologist, is an advocate of the benefits of wasting time. Some tips they're so simple to apply to our daily life how to enjoy a quiet coffee, instead of asking to take away or allow us a few more minutes in the shower.

One of the keys to overcome this hyperresponsibility syndrome is to get rid of the continuum I have to and balance it with a few may l Y I want. Stop a minute to do nothing when the overwhelming persecution of ourselves surpasses us. Know our own emotional world. And, if none of this works, ask for professional help. Life deserves that we learn to savor every minute, not that we live it as an endless race that we cannot win.

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