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What new social networks are worth being (if you're not already) and invest your time.

The social networks They have a dubious fame. Many say they hate them, criticize that we have become dependent on thembut the reality is that already they are part of our lives and we barely remember what we were doing in front of the computer before they existed. We all know Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and we may have made our first steps in Pinterest, professionally interacted in LinkedIn, taken advantage of the immediacy of Snapchat or uploaded videos to Periscope, but ... what are the innovative social networks what is worth knowing?


Basic for inveterate readers. Lets organize our readings, receive recommendations from other users, join groups of readers of genders determined, follow our favorite authors or participate in book draws.

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The considered anti-Facebook. A design care, total absence of publicity and respect for privacy These are the basic principles of this social network that we talked about a few weeks ago.

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21 Buttons

Another social network that we talked about recently. It allows upload our outfits, interact with our friends and influencers Fashion and what is his great claim: make money by linking our clothes to your sales sites.

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A kind of mix between Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter which is proving a success in U.S and that begins to spread throughout the world. One of the favorite features of users is their Interface, which enables express moods through a series of simple commands.

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A social network of spanish creation, in which music is the leit motiv. Almost heiress of the times of MySpace, Muaaka users can share YouTube and LastFM songs, links, images and everything that allows them express yourself through music.



Medium It does not stand out for its design, but it gives all the protagonism to the content. You feel that Twitter falls too short of characters? Maybe Medium, with its texts halfway between tweets and blog entries, be your place.

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Considered the TripAdvisor of the schools, its users rate schools and share educational experiences with the purpose of improve the quality of teaching.



WhoSay is a social network that directly threatens one of the early social media: the interaction between peer to peer users. In WhoSay, anyone can be a user, but not everyone can post. Only determined celebrities (about 1,500 today) can distribute its contents.

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Umbrella Here

We have left for the end the most it has caught our attention. If you were thinking that there are social networks for any demand, Umbrella Here It is the best proof of that. The title leaves no doubt: the function of Umbrella Here is to search for users with whom share umbrella if we have left it at home or the rain has surprised us When I didn't expect it.

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