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Chiara and Valentina Ferragni the guests 'vip' in the 'front row' of Pronovias

Chiara Ferragni, was the guest star of the parade. The bloguer, one more year became the center of all eyes of the front row, accompanied by her sister Valentina Ferragni. He also highlighted the presence of Amaia Salamanca and a very pregnant Malena Costa, usual in the parades of the firm.

Amaia Salamanca is the image of the firm. In the past Goya Awards it was one of the most elegant with a signature dress, so the actress could not miss such a special night. Are you thinking about wedding? The actress chose the main garment of the night: a black and white jumpsuit with a jewel belt.

Chiara Ferragni He also opted for a black and white jumpsuit of a very simple but very sophisticated classic cut, whose originality resided on the edges of the pants that is a zipper. Valentina Ferragni decided to wear a look more striking, although it did not sit well, a black and white lace dress, and a beautiful low-cut back. Upon arrival at front row, many attendees wanted to be photographed with them, and the truth was that they did not put any problem.

The journalist also attended this special event Louise Roe with a beautiful red jumpsuit with an asymmetrical neckline and golden accessories, and the actress Whitney Port who also opted for a romantic and steamy jumpsuit powdery pink, transparent sleeves, pants palazzo and details of beads like flowers.

Malena Costa He chose a tight black dress, with a heart neckline loaded with rhinestones and Astrid klisans one very similar in eggplant color.

Spectacular as always, Dafne Fernández He wore a navy blue dress that was impressive, of course signed by Pronovias, like that of all the guests.

In this image, we see the moments before the parade with all the guests already in their seats.

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