Infinity pools, to infinity and beyond

They are the dream pools, those that turn to emptiness, that are confused with the horizon and overflowing weightless ... We usually place them in distant paradises, as remote as inaccessible. But the ones we bring you here today are close: all in the peninsula. Do we take the first dip of the year together?

Cap Rocat

First stop of our piscinero tour: Majorca. This wonderful infinity is sculpted the cliffs of the bay of Palma. Its privileged enclave, with 360º views of the bay, has no comparison. Not in vain is part of the space that once occupied a military fortress, main defensive bastion of the island. Converted into a luxury hotel, that fort has gone to a better life and is the place chosen by personalities and celebrities who step on Mallorca without wanting to be seen. Double room, from € 360.

Where: Hotel Cap Rocat

Hacienda Na Xamena

We continue in the Balearic Islands, In ibiza. Speaking of infinity pools I could not leave out of this list one of the pioneers in Spain. Neither more nor less than that of the famous Hacienda Na Xamena. Organic forms, follow the path of the mountain on which it seems to precipitate, and looks whitewashed (as the canons of the island say). A worldwide reference for lovers of sunsets, luxury and chill atmosphere. After a bath in its waters you can do yoga taking the bluest horizon you have ever seen as an equilibrium point. Double room, from € 374.

Where: Hacienda Na Xamena

Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel

From archipelago to archipelago and shot because it touches me. Let's recover now in Costa Adeje, Tenerife. In the absence of an infinity pool, Roca Nivaria offers two. Both heated and for adults (children have their own) so we have secured the tranquility and enjoy its magnificent views on the ocean. One of them is saltwater and other freshwater, with a temperature of 29º. Entering them is not wanting to leave. And, if you swim to the edge and find your place in front of the indigo waters of the Atlantic, you won't move all day from there. Double room, from € 160.

Where: Adrian Hotel Roca Nivaria

Conrad Algarve

We enter the Peninsula along the southern coast of Portugal. In the Algarve we find the Conrad, a hotel for golf lovers and contemporary design. Your main pool is a claim both day and night as its lighting progresses as sunlight falls and turns the area into a unique space at dusk. The whole hotel revolves on water, from the common areas to the spa, where there are varias more pools: indoor and thalasso. The treatment rooms are also located on the water. Here the acronym of SPA, Salus Per Aqua, make full sense. Double room, from € 219.

Where: Conrad Algarve

Memmo Alfama

Following Portugal above, we arrive at the Capital. In Lisbon, on the mouth of the Duero the pool of Memmo hotel hangs up. Not only attracts attention for its panoramic views of the city, but for its peculiar red color. A tone that runs through the entire attic terrace, inspired by the color of the wines They offer in their famous wine bar. At the top of Alfama, like one more hill, this infinity allows relax from the hustle and bustle from the most popular Lisbon neighborhood. If you have vertigo, don't look at the edge! Double room, from € 150.

Where: Memmo Alfma Hotel

Hotel W Barcelona

Back in Spain, we finished our tour in Barcelona. The celebrated W hotel, first of the brand in our country, has in its pool facing the sea one of its best allies. The wide white hammocks, canopy day beds and its imperturbable sheet of water create an atmosphere of calm It changes in the middle of the afternoon when the area becomes a lively meeting place. The Wet Bar offers the best cocktail menu and the DJs play well into the morning. For a unique experience, Book one of your three WOW Cabanas, authentic suites by the pool. Double room, from € 300.

Where: W Barcelona